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The Advantages Of A Blast Room

Compared to open air blasting, the controlled environment of a blast room has many advantages that justify the investment. Confining abrasive blast operations to a controlled, clean environment enables efficient abrasive recycling which has huge cost savings over using single-use abrasive. Blasting doesn’t have to wait for good weather so your production will increase. Well planned abrasive blast room designs include details such as an amply lit work area, an abrasive reclaim floor, an abrasive/trash separation system and a dust collector for keeping the environment clean and contaminant free. The bottom line is blast rooms are a more efficient and productive way to blast.

Explore The Different Types Of Blast Rooms

Mechanical Blast Rooms Mechanical Blast Rooms


Mechanical recovery blast rooms use augers and lift buckets to physically move used abrasive from the blast room to the abrasive recovery system. The slower speed of abrasive through the recovery system results in less wear and tear.

Pneumatic Blast Rooms Pneumatic Blast Rooms


Pneumatic recovery blast rooms use air flow and ducting to move used abrasive from the blast room to the abrasive recovery system. They can be a good option for light to medium production operations.

The IDS Blast Approach To Blast Room Design

GuidanceThe decision to invest in a blast room is a major one in which proper guidance and expertise will make the difference between a profitable success and a potential disaster. IDS Blast takes the time to understand your objectives and will design a solution with you that is best for your needs, highly efficient, and within budget. We will explain what you can expect from blast room ownership and what the true ongoing costs will be so there are no surprises.

DesignAnybody can throw together a blast room, but will it be the right solution for your needs? With our many years of experience, the veteran team at IDS Blast have the up-to-date knowledge and real-world exposure necessary to create the right solution for you. Under-engineering or over-engineering a blast room solution can have disastrous results, we dial it in just right.

ImplementationInstallation of a blast room can be a complex process but we make it as painless as possible. From planning the physical location of the blast room all the way through final assembly and start-up, we stay involved to ensure the everything goes according to plan. We see the implementation of a blast room at your facility as the beginning of our relationship, not the end.

SupportWhen you get a blast room from IDS Blast, you get more than just a piece of equipment, you get ongoing support that is second to none. Of course, this all starts during initial start-up when we make sure your new blast room is running efficiently and explain the systems to you and your staff. We also provide ongoing services such as abrasive sales, replacement parts & consumables sales, repair services, training & efficiency evaluations.

We take an honest approach, help you understand the full cost of blast room ownership and hide nothing.

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